Sunday, October 22, 2017



Check here on election night for results
as they come in. 
We will update the information
as often as we can.  

The polls close at 7 pm on election day but please remember that results are not immediately available.  The election workers have to close the polling place and then bring the results to the courthouse.
We will post the tallies as soon as we can and will update them as time allows.  These reports will be posted on the right side of this page. 
The name of the report will be followed by a number that will correspond to the number of the update.
For Example: Results 1 - will be the first update
            Results 2 - the second, etc. 
This should make it easier for you to tell when updated results are available. 
  The final results are unofficial until the ballots are canvassed on the following Monday after each election.

When the official results are released they will be posted on the right side of this page.