Friday, April 20, 2018



Polls Open:  7 a.m.

            Polls Close:  7 p.m.








Where Do I Vote?
Click on the link above to find where you vote.

This site will give you information on your voter history, where you vote and you can also view a sample ballot.

No Internet access?      Just call 1-800-262-VOTE. 

Voter Information
(Brown County uses the Automark Voting Machine)

Voter Registration - To register to vote you must be:

  1. a U.S. Citizen
  2. a resident of the State of Kansas
  3. be 18 years old before the next statewide general election
  4. have received final discharge from imprisonment, parole, or conditional release if convicted of a felony
  5. have abandoned your former residence and or name

Qualified persons may register at the Brown County Clerk's Office in Hiawatha, or at the Hiawatha or Horton City Clerk's Office.  You may also register to vote at the Driver's License Department in the County Treasurer's Office or you may print out a Voter Registration Form and send to the Brown County Clerk's Office.

Registration closes 14 days prior to any election, and reopens the day after the election.

A voter must re-register if the voter moves or changes their name.


Party Affiliation:

  1. A voter may declare a party affiliation at the time of registration, or may sign a declaration at the voting place during a primary election if registered as unafiliated. A voter may also choose not to be affiliated with any political party.
  2. A voter may change party affiliation by re-registering at any time voter registration is open.

Advance Voting: Registered voters who wish to vote in advance of election day may apply for an advance ballot by one of two procedures:

  1. The voter may fill out an Advance Ballot Application and send to the Brown County Clerk's Office for an advance ballot. The advance ballot will be mailed to one of the following addresses as specified by the voter:
  • The voter's residential address or mailing address as indicated on the registration list;
  • The voter's temporary residential address; or
  • A medical care facility, hospice or adult care home where the voter resides

The ballot must be voted in secrecy and returned to the Brown County Clerk's Office
by the time the polls close on election day.

Advance voting in person may begin 20 days before an election and ends at noon the day before the election. An advance voter may go to the Brown County Clerk's Office to apply for a ballot and vote in the office.

Write-In Voting:

  • To vote for a person whose name is not printed on the ballot, write that persons name on the line provided and darken the oval to the left of the name
  • Write-In votes are permitted in primary elections for precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen. Also, when there is no candidate who has filed for the particular office in question.
  • Write-In votes are permitted in all General Elections.